iShopMarketing provides a platform for international eCommerce uniting merchants, marketers and clients.

iShopMarketing created the international marketplace to facilitate the exchange of products and solutions for everyone, everywhere, at any time and in any currency including cryptocurrencies.

With iShopMarketing and its national eCommerce agencies on several continents, we provide our affiliates and partners with the best offers, the best exchange procedures and the best follow-up procedures.

iShopMarketing's product lines enable people around the world to access products and solutions they can not access in their country.

iShopMarketing facilitates exchanges and partnerships between citizens of different countries.

iShopMarketing facilitates exchanges and partnerships between citizens of different countries, on several continents, by providing means of exchange consistent with sustainable development. For example, send bags of rice from Cambodia to Senegal.

iShopMarketing promotes financial inclusion by enabling underbanked or unbanked populations to become self-sufficient in the face of pressure from transnational corporations that heavily tax trade.

iShopMarketing uses transaction control procedures that strengthen the mechanisms for monitoring financial exchanges.



One International Marketplace that combines products and services around the world with the support of our national eCommerce agencies.

Efficient tools

Our personal wallet to trade or pay worldwide in any currency (including cryptocurrencies), anytime, anywhere.

Transparency and Trust

Your registration to World KYC to gather audit-proof information for natural and legal persons for customer acceptance.

Awesome Marketing

Products and services are sold thanks to our worldwide network of affiliates.



An Open Platform for our affiliates (Marketers)

Each affiliate signs a contract, refers clients to buy products and services and receives rewards from the compensation system.

Each affiliate buy or sell packages from several lines of products

Products can be physical shipped items or digital solutions

We also offer a Cryptocurrency product line

Local eCommerce agencies (stores) are added each month.

Rewards are obtained following each purchase you referred to a client - in realtime

An Open Platform for our partners (merchants)

Each merchant gains an incredible sales force by using our platform to market their offerings.

Each partner selects the packages corresponding to his/her needs

We handle payments from customers in fiat and crypto, you receive the amount you wish in fiat

You can promote both physical or digital products

Many lines of products (categories) are provided, and if it's not there, we will add it


iShopMarketing is always developing new tools and adjusting to changes in the markets, including the recent trends in crypto solutions.


Below we've provided a bit of details about our offer. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is iShopMarketing?

iShopMarketing is an international company offering individuals, merchants and entrepreneurs the opportunity to purchase and sell digital and physical products and solutions on the internet.

The main purpose of iShopMarketing is to support and manage the incentives for the promotors of our affiliated eCommerce agencies. We take care of the affiliates who in turn refer clients to our agencies. We provide and maintain the platform that makes it easy to perform international eCommerce activities.

iShopMarketing marketplace is a platform making it easy for our partners, merchants or entrepreneurs to offer interesting supplies that are only available here by us.

We are collaborating with or creating many eCommerce websites in many countries were our merchant partners and our affiliates can propose products and services to local clients.

Registering as an affiliate of iShopMarketing allows you to offer packages on several product lines: digital products and solutions, cryptocurrencies, agricultural products, etc., through the international eCommerce agencies, as iShopMarketing partners.

Basic registration is free and allow affiliates to refer clients to our eCommerce product lines and receive commissions.

More advanced packages are offered to affiliates to provide additional tools for serious business building entrepreneurs. Those extra packages give access to more benefits for our business building affiliates and is available from the affiliate back-office.

Why have launch packs and bonuses?

iShopMarketing is in expansion mode. We need your help to expand internationally and we want to make you excited about this opportunity called iShopMarketing.

Therefore we GIVE you bonuses for joining with us NOW! You are part of OUR future, and we will share the benefits by providing you with Tokens and Coins.

The packs are courses or software platforms or a combination of both. These are products that you can sell. However, because they are specialized products and need to be explained correctly, we ask that to be able to sell those specialized products, you must be accredited, and follow a short training. This will open doors to an augmented business for all affiliates.

Once accredited, you get the special status of Entrepreneur and gain access to our binary program (see the Affiliate Rewards tab).

There are currently three packages created for the launch.

The first pack introduces affiliates to multi-currency mobile wallets and merchant accounts. It explains the same tools used to facilitate transaction in our eCommerce stores around the world. The second is an introduction to crypto-currencies with an emphasis on masternodes and optionally provides a platform to get involved in a simple way. The third one provides an opportunity in the field of medicinal-cannabis.

Create a free account and get access to the back-office for additional information.

When we talk about Tokens and Coins, we are referring to the crypto world (BitCoins and all the others). If you don't understand what we are taking about, Our second pack is for you.

Many startup companies include Tokens and Coins which are sold or GIVEN AWAY as a reward to any individuals who gets involved in their projects.

iShopMarketing GIVES Tokens and Coins to those accredited Entrepreneurs.

Who can benefit from iShopMarketing?

Individuals wanting an additional income from part-time work, merchants selling products, leaders wanting to grow large sales organizations, can all benefit from our platform. Take the time to read our guides to see where you fit.

Anyone over 18 years of age (in most countries) can become an affiliate. Signup is free at this level. You work from your home, at your pace and with the level of involvement you wish to offer. You are the boss!

If you want to expand your business selling the premium products that we offer, and wish to build a team to propel your income to the sky, you can upgrade to the Entrepreneur status by acquiring one of many special packages we offer directly from your back-office. Entrepreneurs have access to our powerful binary program with no limit to your income potential.

Merchants are welcome in our ecosystem. Even if you already sell products on the web, you can benefit from exposure to new customer from around the world, with funds in any currencies including crypto. Contact us about the packages we offer.

What are direct commisssions?

When you refer a new client that purchases from a merchant in one of our eCommerce agencies, you get a percentage of the sale price in the currency of the purchase country. You keep this clients for life and get a commission for all subsequent purchase made.

You get paid in a wallet we provide, and you can convert your balance to many other currencies.

The binary program is better if you want to build a sales team. This program is quite simple to do, and represents your best income potential. Look for more details by signing-up and login into your back-office.

It's simple and it's free... Just click on Login via Discord which is a new generation chat application. If you already have an account, just login, if not, register. Discord is used as our primary contact tool. At login, you will be redirected to your secured back-office, where you will have more explanation about your options.

Look for your referral links and banners, which are your most important tool. Use them to refer potential clients to our boutiques and even this website for the business opportunity.

Contact Us

We are always open and we welcome questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please join us on our Discord server. Someone from our team will respond to your inquiries.